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The use of one or several services offered by the website www.worldpronos.com, implies the full and entire acceptance by the user of these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions are prepared in various languages. In the event of any differences between the English version of the Terms and Conditions and any non-English version, the English version shall prevail.

WorldPronos LTD (WP in the text) reserves the right to modify the current general Terms and Conditions of use at any moment without prior warning. The modifications to the general Terms and Conditions of use are declared effective once the aforementioned conditions have been updated.

The current general Terms and Conditions are subject to English law. In case of litigation of any kind and in the instance that no mutually agreeable solution be found, the complaint will be presented before the English courts based in London.


WP will not incur any liability as a result of the use of any services provided. Any damage related to the use of WP products will be exclusively attributable to the user.


The website www.worldpronos.com organises every week a weekly competition of predictions on football matches.

In order to participate in a WP competition, you must first register by clicking on "My Account" on the website itself.

All the weekly competitions are made up of one or several grids of football matches. These weekly competitions will serve as support to establish two different types of rankings (weekly and annual) between the players.

The best tipsters from each of the different rankings will win prizes of different values (see article 9).

By participating in the competitions, every member authorises the website www.worldpronos.com to use the data associated with his predictions, which thereafter become the property of WP.


The on-line grids assigned to each weekly competition correspond mainly to those officially proposed by companies, often public, which organise and manage football match betting in their country.

The official grids are:

1/ "LA QUINIELA" organised in Spain by the company LOTERIAS Y APUESTAS DEL ESTADO

2/ "LOTO FOOT" organised in France by the company FRANÇAISE DES JEUX

3/ "PROMOSPORT" organised in Tunisia by the company PROMOSPORT

4/ "STRYKTIPSET" organised in Sweden by the company SVENSKA SPEL

5/ "TOTO" organised in South Korea by the company SPORTSTOTO


A player is a member of the website www.worldpronos.com who has participated at least once in a weekly competition.

Every member is entitled to have only one account to participate to the competitions organised by the website www.worldpronos.com.

The player shall declare on his honour that he has reached legal age in his country of residence, being consequently 18 or older.

For each grid, the same player can participate once only.

If a player makes several predictions via several different accounts, WP reserves the right to delete all the accounts linked to said person and to exclude him from any future registration.

Any player false statement shall automatically entail the invalidation of his grids, pending winnings, rankings and registration.


Participation in our competitions of predictions is completely free of charge and imposes no purchase obligation.

Every member wishing to participate in one grid has to make predictions on all the football matches that make up the grid in question.

To increase the chances of winning prizes, each member is advised to take part in all the grids of each weekly competition.

Each player has at his disposal two types of predictions:

- Single prediction: the participant shall tick one single box among three possible choices (1, X, 2). Box 1 is for designating the home team as the winner, box X is for designating a draw between both teams while box 2 is for designating the visiting team as the winner.
- Double prediction: the participant has the possibility to tick 2 boxes among the three available choices (1, X, 2). More specifically, three choices are possible: home win and draw (1X), home win and away win (12) and draw and away win (X2).

Please note that the signs 1, X and 2 are subject to change from country to country.

For any grid consisting of 13 matches (PROMOSPORT and STRYKTIPSET), each participant will have to make 6 single predictions and 7 double predictions.

Concerning the grids made up of 14 (LOTO FOOT and TOTO), each player will have to make 6 single predictions and 8 double predictions.

On the other hand, for the grids consisting of 15 matches (LOTO FOOT), each player will have to make 7 single predictions and 8 double predictions.

However, concerning the grids with 15 matches of «LA QUINIELA», each participant will have to make 6 single predictions and 8 double predictions on the 14 first matches that make up the grids.

Moreover, for the 15th match of «LA QUINIELA», each participant must predict the exact number of goals that each team will score.

Any number of goals superior or equal to three is marked with the symbol M. Thus, each participant has to make a single choice among 16 possible scores.


For all matches, WP will only take into consideration the results at the end of regular time. WP is based on the defintive results of the official grids.

A correct result corresponds to an accurate prediction made for a football match figuring on the grid.

All registered predictions cannot be changed, even if one or more matches are replaced.

Whether it is a single or double prediction, each correct result yields one point.

Concerning the grid of the «LA QUINIELA», a correct prediction on the fifteenth match also yields one point. However, a good result on the fifteenth match will only be taken into account provided that all predictions are filled out correctly on the first 14 games of the grid.

Furthermore, some bonus points will be awarded to the best performing players according to the following scale:

• 11 accurate predictions per grid = 1 additional bonus point

• 12 accurate predictions per grid = 3 additional bonus points

• 13 accurate predictions per grid = 5 additional bonus points

• 14 accurate predictions per grid = 7 additional bonus points

• 15 accurate predictions per grid = 9 additional bonus points

All points assigned to tipsters in every weekly competition are needed in order to establish two different types of rankings between the players (weekly ranking and annual ranking).

For any match declared "Winning" by WP, all predictions made for such match shall be considered accurate.


A prize package is made up essentially of one or several gift cards to be used with e-commerce companies.

The amount of the gift card(s) corresponds to the value of the prize offered.

Any delivery charges and customs duties must be paid for by the winner and can in no case whatsoever can these be reclaimed from WP.


Prizes ranging from 50 (fifty) to 400 (four hundred) US Dollars will be awarded to the best tipsters of the weekly competitions.

Prizes with a value of between 300 (three hundred) to 10 000 (ten thousand) US Dollars will be awarded to the 15 best placed tipsters of the annual competition.


WP organises a weekly competition each week. This competition will take into account all the grids in play during that same week.

A weekly ranking of each player is established by adding up all the points obtained (see article 7) from his different participations during the defined weekly period.

A weekly prize with a value of 1 000 USD will be split between the best tipsters according to the following scale:

(1 000 USD)
First 400
Second 200
Third 100
Fourth 100
Fifth 100
Sixth 50
Seventh 50

If several participants in a weekly competition finish tied, the players who have obtained the smallest SWP (Sum of the Weekly Positions) will be declared the winners of said competition (10 maximum).

The SWP value is set up in order to favour the players who save their predictions the earliest in the week. That is to say that once a new grid has been put online, each time that a player saves his predictions, WP will attribute a certain number of points to that player. The number of points corresponds exactly to the position that player saves his predictions. There by the first player who saves his predictions scores one point, the second scores two points, the tenth scores ten points, etc...

However, for each new grid, any player (as described in article 5) who do not save his predictions will be attributed a number of points equal to the final number of participants plus one.

The SWP value of each player relative to a weekly competition will therefore be the sum of all points attributed by WP following the saving of his predictions on the different grids within the same week.

If several tied players cannot be separated (which is very improbable), then the prize or prizes corresponding to the competition will be divided equally between them.


WP organises an annual competition. This competition takes into account all grids in play over a year.

An annual ranking of each player is established by adding up all the points obtained (see article 7) from his different weekly participations during the defined annual period.

Nonetheless, the five worst results (including non-participations) of each player in each game (LA QUINIELA, LOTO FOOT, PROMOSPORT,STRYKTIPSET and TOTO) will not be taken into account.

An annual prize with a value of 26 000 USD will be split between the fifteen best tipsters according to the following scale:

26 000 USD
First 10 000
Second 5 000
Third 3 000
Fourth 2 000
Fifth 1 000
Sixth 800
Seventh 800
Eighth 600
Ninth 600
Tenth 500
Eleventh 400
Twelfth 400
Thirteenth 300
Fourteenth 300
Fifteenth 300


If several participants in an annual competition finish tied, the players who have obtained the smallest SAP (Sum of the Annual Positions) will be declared the winners of said competition.

The SAP value of each player relative to an annual competition is equal to the sum of all his SWP (Sum of the Weekly Positions as described in article 10) during the defined annual period.

If several tied players cannot be separated (which is very improbable), then the prize or prizes will be divided equally between them.


Before validating the name (or pseudonym) of the winner in one of our competitions, WP shall contact the player using the winning pseudonym on the basis of the information provided during his registration.

WP will carry out background checks about the winner over a maximum period of two month.

If by the end of such period or by anticipation, no irregularities are found, the aforementioned player shall be definitively declared the final winner. Then, WP will send to him one or several gift card codes. These gift card codes can be used with national or international e-commerce platforms.

On the other hand, if the person corresponding to the pseudonym does not provide the required documents on time, WP will cancel the prize in question.


In order to receive his prize, the winner must commit to accept that WP will communicate on his pseudonym and gains.

Such communication can be carried out on the website www.worldpronos.com and on any other support, digital or other (flyers, paper brochures, press magazines, radio, television, social networks, blogs, forums...).

Moreover, the winner can, if he wishes, send a photograph of himself with the prize to WP.

Photos need to be validated by WP moderators before being put on-line.