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WorldPronos welcomes you into its community with a special present. All members can download free of charge WP SOFT, our stake optimiser software designed specifically in order to manage predictions on football matches (between 5 and 15 matches) in countries which organise football competitions similar to the football pools (Lotto 1X2). 

WP SOFT is also adapted to “LA QUINIELA”.

Play intelligently whilst maximising your chances of winning without financially ruining yourself that is the magic of WP SOFT.

Prepare your preferred grid, personalise your choices, and define your own criteria by indicating to the software for example:  

- To delete all combinations which have a higher number of 4 away wins (more or less).
- To apply certain conditions on the signs 1X2 (maximum 2 consecutive draws, interruption of signs, symmetric signs, parallel signs…).
- To include preferences in one or several groups of matches (for example a minimum of 2 wins at home in a group of 4 matches).
- To integrate conditions based on probability, allowing you to eliminate the columns which have less chance of actually happening.

And let the software do the rest using its different methods of optimal reduction.

WP SOFT also offers you, using its automatic reduction tool, the possibility of choosing the desired level of guarantee (from N-1 to N-4).  

It is useful to remember that the guarantee N-1 signifies the possibility not to lose rank. In other words, if your predictions are correct in a grid of N matches, you are guaranteed to have N-1 exact results whilst still having the chance (generally between 10 and 20%) to obtain N correct results. The same principle applies to N-2, N-3 and N-4.

Simply by being connected to our site www.worldpronos.com, the complete lists of all matches included in our weekly competitions as well as the various percentages distributions (global, official, bookmakers…) are automatically imported by the software.

Moreover, WP SOFT also allows you to visualise the grids you have chosen and to export them into another file. It will therefore be possible to print and number them on the official game tickets*, thereby avoiding the chore of filling them out manually with all the risks that this entails. All that will remain for you to do is have them validated by your local betting shop.

Last and by no means least, this free software, whenever you have won something, to find the winning tickets using the function "SORTING".

* La Quiniela in Spain, Loteca in Brazil, Loto Foot in France, Norsk Tipping in Norway, Progol in Mexico, Promosport in Tunisia, Propo in Greece, Sportoto in Turkey, Stryktipset in Sweden, Toto in China, Toto in South Korea, Toto in Japan, Totocalcio in Italy…


You have to be a member and logged in to be able to download the software. To become a member, you just have to create an account.